Our Software and Services make the Business Operations of Financial Institutions Easy and Efficient

We Specialize in ..

Loan Origination
and Management

End-to-end enterprise solution that can streamline the loan origination and management processes of banks and credit co-operatives.


Regulatory compliance solution that helps financial institutions to monitor and prevent the money laundering activities on a risk-based approach.

Customer Due

Regulatory compliance solution that eases the processes of ongoing CDD and enhanced due diligence, while maintaining your customer's satisfaction at the same time.

Why us ..

Team of expertise

Our team consists of industry experts who have a long experience in developing and implementing financial business products at major banks and FIs of Japan and Nepal. We contain a vast knowledge of the latest trends and best practices in the financial services industries around the world. Our expertise will surely help you in your mission to improve business operations.

Simple and powerful user interface

We value the importance of simplicity when it comes to design and interfaces. Our adoption of latest web technologies has simplified the otherwise complex functionalities. High quality user experience has always been one of our top priorities.

Highly customizable

Our products are up-to-date with recent industry standards and thus can be used with minimal customizations. That being said, we understand that the specific needs of enterprises are unavoidable. Therefore, we have made our products highly customizable in order to meet your specific requirements.

Data Security

Most of the business operations require to utilize a vast amount of personal data of customers and employees. It is the utmost concern of us to securely store and process such data. Our cutting-edge data security technologies and minimal data retention strategies provide a high security to your valuable customer data.